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What is successive blending text next to student tapping an ipad with cvc word web

Successive Blending: A Phoneme Blending Strategy

Successive Blending is a decoding strategy for students that struggle to blend more than two sounds when reading words. Many of these students add and omit sounds when blending. Some students even blend words that seem disconnected from their sounds. These are those students that say /m/ /a/ /p/ and then say “fat?”. It’s also a great instructional strategy for those students that add a schwa on to their letter sounds, both in isolation, and

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Whisper Phones and an Update

Whew!  Your comments on yesterday’s post are amazing!  There’s no way I have time to comment on each and every single one of your comments, but I promise I’ve read each and every single one.  We spend so much on our classrooms, don’t we?  I know that $200 will go far in helping one of you lucky readers. Yesterday, after spending a few hours in my room cleaning it before they officially clean it, I

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