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Favorite Fun & Funky Fonts

A few years ago when I started this journey posting my creations and blogging, I slowly started incorporating new fonts that I’d find.  I literally have spent HOURS scouring the internet looking for new ones that I wanted.  I will completely admit that I downloaded any font that I saw that I liked from dafont.com regardless of whether or not it was free for commercial use or not.  I now have hundreds of fonts on my

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My Truth Monday: Favorite App

I’m linking up again with Denise from Sunny Days in Second Grade for her My Truth Monday.  This week is your favorite app. I spent a while thinking.  I probably most love Pinterest.  I’m a teensy bit obsessed.  I’ve recently spent a lot of hours browsing their humor feed laughing to myself hysterically.  Seriously, if you’re having a bad day, check it out.  Or, you can follow my I Loled board here. I’m also obsessed

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Wednesday Website

Throughout my blog posts I’ve shared websites off and on (like so many other bloggers) and linked up with techy linkies.  I was thinking that this summer, since I don’t have things like iPads and don’t need apps for my kiddos, I’d share just websites (mostly free!) that I’ve loved to use throughout the last few years.  And hopefully some of you like them too.  And then I also thought it’d be fun to get

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Arcademic Skill Builders

Um, hi.  Remember me? Yeah, you know how on my last fourteen way spread out posts I said I was going to get better at blogging again?  Remember how I apologized for being random because it’d been so long since I’d blogged.  Yeah, I’m just going to give in and say that it ain’t gonna happen this year.  Nope!  There are many things on my plate right now, some of which I’ll share with you

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HELPS Fluency

A couple months ago I got an email with information on a relatively new, FREE fluency program called HELPS.  The program is detailed in DEPTH on their website but I’ll share with you how I use it. (Click the picture to check out the site) You have to register on the site for free.  Easy peasy.  Then you get access to the materials.  The program is currently only suitable for one-on-one work with students (as

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Hi! I'm Tessa!

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I’ve spent the last 15 years teaching in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades, and working beside elementary classrooms as an instructional coach and resource support. I’m passionate about math, literacy, and finding ways to make teachers’ days easier. I share from my experiences both in and out of the elementary classroom.




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