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Fractions Greater than 1 Lesson with picture of two cookies partitioned into parts

How to Teach Fractions Greater than 1: Hands-on Lesson and Engaging Sorts

In order to effectively teach fractions greater than 1, students should have a strong understanding of fractional concepts like numerator, denominator, and fractions representing parts of a whole. I don’t teach fractions greater than one until I feel most of my 3rd grade students are feeling comfort with fractions of a shape and fractions on a number line. Significant work with fractional concepts lays the foundations students need to be successful with improper fractions. You

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Easy Prep 3rd Grade Math Games

Easy Prep 3rd Grade Math Games that Make Learning Fun

Are you a third grade teacher looking for additional math resources for this year? This round up of 3rd grade math games features some of my classroom favorites. I love to use math games in class to work on number sense and build fact fluency. I also like to use games to give students computation practice in an engaging way. Each of these  is easy to prep- often just print and go or assign and

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10 Must Have Fractions Activities for 3rd Grade with fraction circle models

10 Must Have 3rd Grade Fractions Activities

The fractions unit in one of the most critical math focuses in 3rd grade. Students should come to third grade with a basic understanding of fractions of a shape based on 2nd grade geometry standards. But, in 3rd grade, students are introduced to fractions and quickly move into other key fraction standards: fractions on a number line, comparing and equivalent fractions, mixed numbers, and fractions greater than 1. The foundations laid in 3rd grade are

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Hands-On Fractions Strips: An Introduction to Fractions Interactive Lesson

I’ve introduced and worked on fractions using a variety of tools and resources over the years. In 1st grade, we explore fractions as part of our Halfway Day celebration on day 90- halfway through the school year. In third grade, I expect my students to have some understanding of fractions from their work in previous years, but, they always seem to need me to start with the basics. Over the years, I’ve found that what

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Building Fact Fluency with 5 in a Row

5 in a Row: Building Fact Fluency

Fact fluency routines are often filled with worksheets and timed activities.  They do have their place in the classroom, but they’re not very engaging.  While I’ve definitely learned that fact fluency does not mean 1 second recall and strict timing systems, I also firmly believe that having a strong memorization of facts helps students focus their mental effort and energy on the larger math skills at hand.  It’s important to build fact fluency in students.

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