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Wednesday Website #4

Thanks to Ashley for the adorable girl clip art! It’s time for Wednesday Website #4!  I took last week off for the holiday but I’m back to share another awesome site with you!  The last couple weeks I shared more primary oriented websites and this week I’m sharing another one that’s better for the intermediate grades. Read Theory is a great, FREE website that you can use to have students independently practice and build their comprehension

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Wednesday Website #3

Thanks to Ashley for the adorable girl clip art! It’s week 3 of Wednesday website!  This week, I’m sharing another site that’s fantastic for the primary grades.  I first learned about it when I was student teaching.  I went to use it again and couldn’t find it, but I see that it’s with Earobics now (or always was?) and so it’s hosted on their site. GameGoo Alien Scavenger Hunt is in the intermediate level and

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Wednesday Website #2

Welcome to week #2 of Wednesday Website!  If you click the image above you can head to the first week’s post and link-up! This week, I decided to go with a website that I’ve used with my older grades students in the past.  Last week was focused on younger students so I thought it’d be good to go to the other spectrum of things.  Plus, I’ll be using this one in 3rd grade next year

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Fabulous Feedback

When I heard the idea for the Fabulous Feedback linky, I was all over it.  I mean, I get an opportunity to showcase and share the nice things people say about what I pour my heart and mind over to create?  Who wouldn’t want to do that?  And, honestly, we get some interesting feedback, and interesting might not even be the right word, so getting a chance to show the good stuff is great.  It’s

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This the first year I’ve heard of RACK {Random Acts of Christmas Kindness}.  Back in college we participated in RAK {Random Acts of Kindness} each year.  I’ve known the concept for a long time, and try to encourage others to do it.  Buying others’ orders at the drive thru is a common practice.  My friend said at Starbucks a couple weeks back that the lady told her she was the 20th something car in a

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