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3rd Grade Story Problems for March

We finished up our first round of state testing this week, and have our next test coming up the following week.  As much as I felt I had given my kids enough practice with story problems, I apparently hadn’t, because many of them did not do as well as I had expected on the math test.  Of course, this was just from over the shoulder peeking, but the first thing that jumped out was that

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St. Patrick’s Day Freebie

I’m pretty sure I don’t know what happened to my life since I last posted on Monday.  I worked, I remember that.  But, uh, where has the rest of the time gone?  I don’t think I spent an evening at home.  And I was busy all weekend this weekend too.  I haven’t done laundry yet.  I haven’t gotten things together for my evaluation tomorrow (eek!).  I need to get some data together for a presentation

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St. Patrick’s Day Math

So today was one of those days that will go down in history as epic. Epic.  Some of our students went absolutely and positively crazy.  Cra hazy.  There was a butter knife in one situation and a rock larger than my hand involved in the other.  Everyone was safe and it sounds worse than it was, but it was crazy.  But, my day ended much better.  We were able to leave early instead of doing

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