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Looking for something to help you track and analyze your phonics data after your assessment cycles? Grab this free phonics data tracker spreadsheet below.

Phonics Data tracker spreadsheet for classroom teachers and interventionists


This spreadsheet saves you so much time! You set up the editable fields once, and they change throughout the file! To show your phonics data, just enter the raw score and students’ percentages and individual student auto-populate! Use the assessment page to quickly look and make instructional groups based on subskill, and then use the individual student page to look at progress by student. The individual student pages are ready to go for you for parent meetings, IEP data, RtI/MTSS, and whenever you’re looking to make an instructional decision. 

The spreadsheet is set up for 3 rounds of diagnostic testing and 6 progress monitoring opportunities throughout the year. It’s prebuilt for the QPS (Quick Phonics Screener) but can be customized for any phonics diagnostic assessment you use.

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This phonics tracking spreadsheet is editable so you can include whatever skills and point values match your diagnostic phonics assessment! 

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Create Groups in a Snap

Create your phonics groups quickly using this spreadsheet. Organize by colors in a column and you know who belongs in which group with just a quick look!

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Student Reporting

The data you enter populates into individual student-by-student reporting sheets. This is great for data focused meetings, IEP goals, and monitoring student progress.

Student Reporting is a Breeze!

Individual student pages are created with NO additional work on your part! Take a peek at each student’s progress- or print for your IEP, RtI, or MTSS meeting! This saves you SO MUCH TIME during report cards or parent-teacher conferences!

Printed individual student page from digital phonics data tracker spreadsheet

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