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Why guest blog here?
  • Tales from Outside the Classroom has over 40,000 views per month.
  • When you guest blog, your post will be shared on my Pinterest (32,000+ followers) and Facebook (9,500+ followers). Depending on the sucess of your post, it may continue to be shared bringing you additional exposure.
  • 1,900 blog subscribers your post will be sent to via e-mail.
What we're looking for:
  • Authors that can provide engaging, unique content to readers.  The post should revolve around a great idea that teachers can implement, and not be focused on a product (free, or otherwise).  One free product may be linked (and this will bring additional traffic to your blog or TpT store), but the post should not revolve around the product; rather it should enhance the post.
  • Not every post is guaranteed to do well.  If your post is easily implemented and/or provides a solution to a big problem that a large group of teachers face, it will most likely do well.
  • Well organized posts free of grammatical and spelling errors. Typos happen, but please reread your content to ensure it reflects your best.  I edit guest blog posts very lightly.
  • Content, article, and pictures must be exclusive to Tales from Outside the Classroom. You may write a short teaser post on your site with a picture linking to the original post on Tales from Outside the Classroom.  Google penalizes duplicated content so ensure your teaser provides just that.
Things to keep in mind about your post:
  • Blog posts should be easy to implement and offer specific suggestions to readers.  Teachers come to blogs for tangible ideas they can take back to their classrooms.
  • Blog posts should be between 500-1200 words long.  Readers skim and scan posts.  Breaking up the posts into smaller sections help readers read more thoroughly.
  • Images play a huge role in blog posts. There should be at least one pin-able image (vertical) with text.  There should be at least one other horizontal (at least 600px wide) or square image that can be shared on other social media sites.  I have the final say on which images go up, so I may contact you to tweak the images if I deem necessary.
  • You may include up to two links to your blog posts within the text of the post as long as they are relevant and provide value to the post you are writing.
  • Include a short biography at the end of your post with a link to your blog and social media pages.

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