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Hi! I’m Tessa and I Teach the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade

Hi!  I’m Tessa Maguire.  I have been teaching for 11 years in many different roles and schools.  My first 8 years were spent in nontraditional placements in elementary schools (hence where my blog name comes from).  I have been an interventionist, a reading teacher for grades K-5, an RtI coordinator K-8, a differentiation coach, and an instructional coach and administrator.  For the past three years I’ve been a third grade teacher.  I recently moved down to first grade where I’ll begin a three year loop with this group of students.

My goal for this blog is to offer strategies and resources that make teachers’ lives a little bit easier.  I believe in standards based instruction, in ways that are engaging and thematic.  I  offer real-world solutions to the everyday struggles in the classroom: standards based instruction, classroom management, student engagement, and more.  My experiences have offered me the opportunity to learn from and alongside wonderful teachers, helping me improve my craft.  I share those experiences here.



  • Whether you're fresh out of college or a veteran teaching who needs a change, it always feels good to be prepared for an upcoming interview. This list of 58 - and growing! - interview questions for special ed teachers will help you feel prepared and confident for your upcoming interview. Blog post at Mrs. D's Corner.
  • mprove math fact fluency among your students with these three tips. Find links to fun games and activities your elementary students are sure to enjoy, plus math strategy posters to serve as reminders and a few free games! {freebie, 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade} #teacher #teacherspayteachers #homeschool #students #additionfacts
  • Calendar time is so important in the primary grades.  Moving beyond typical calendar routines like days of the week, months of the year, and weather, your interactive classroom calendar time can help build place value and number sense skills through your daily calendar routines.  Every first grade and second grade teacher should build in calendar time as part of their math block. #1stgrade #2ndgrade
  • Functions machines, in and out boxes, and algebraic rules are all names for the same set of skills. Students in primary classrooms can practice identifying and applying algebraic rules using these free printables! They are perfect for math centers or the introduction in your math lesson.  Building algebraic thinking in the primary grades helps build number sense and fact fluency while students apply the basic operations. #1stgrade #2ndgrade #functions
  • The RAFT writing strategy gives students practice with a range of writing genres, roles, points of view, audiences, formats, and topics.  These RAFT task cards are perfect for a writing center as students independently work.  With two different formats you can scaffold students through the components of RAFT into independent E/LA centers.  These cards are perfect for second grade, third grade, and fourth grade literacy centers.  #raftwriting #2ndgrade #3rdgrade #4thgrade
  • Give students practice with Part A Part B questions with this What's the Proof product.  Students practice identifying text evidence to support their answers- perfect for test prep! With duplicated pages, students can find and highlight their text evidence easily!  This is perfect for 3rd grade test prep, and ongoing work in whole group and small groups all year long! #textevidence #3rdgrade

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