Part-Part-Whole with Addition and Subtraction

Part-Part-Whole with Addition and Subtraction

Teaching part-part-whole relationships is critical while teaching addition and subtraction.  For students to build a solid understanding of addition and subtraction, they need to understand what each one represents.  While helpful when working with equations with...

2019 Calendars for the Classroom

I have been creating and posting printable calendars for the classroom over the last several years.  I like these calendars because of their simple design, and notes space.  They're perfect to print to give to students to track individual needs in the classroom. ...

How to Catch an Elf

Last year, I found the book How to Catch an Elf through Scholastic and fell in love with it immediately!  If you don't know it, the elves and Santa go through various contraptions that are set in an effort to catch them.  After reading it, I was inspired to create a...

Sight Words Turkeys

Learning sight words can be tricky and I'm always looking for new ways for students to practice their sight word recognition.  One of the best way to improve students' abilities to read sight words, is by having them read the words in various settings and fonts. ...



  • This fun second grade mental math game reviews doubles,counting money, place value, story problems and much more. Math games are a fun way to let students practice mental math skills. This can be used for test prep, reading fluency, expanding math vocabulary, cooperative learning, math centers and more! #mentalmath #mentalmathgames
  • This comfortable and flattering t-shirt will be your new favorite 4th grade teacher tee.  Available in a variety of bright and fun colors, this grade level team tee will be perfect to add to your Teacher Tee Friday collection.  Perfect for yourself, your teaching bestie, or your fourth grade team, grab this cute and affordable tee for every fourth grade teacher in your life!  #4thgrade #fourthgrade #teachertee
  • Fraction tower cubes are the perfect manipulates for upper elementary students to explore fractions.  Use them for hands-on learning to introduce equivalent fractions, comparing fractions, mixed numbers, and even adding & subtracting with unlike denominators.  Sides on the cubes display fractions, decimals and percentages.  Use them with task cards for independent student practice, or as part of your small group instruction.  Fraction tiles help students recognize that fractions fit together to
  • Seriously this stamp is a game changer!!! I’m always looking for better ways to communicate with parents and this #teacherstamp has made a world of difference! ⁣Perfect for common core! ⁣ #theresourcefulteacher #teacherstamps #stampsforteachers #teachertip #teachertips  #teachers #teachertricks  #teacherhack  #teacherhacks
  • This helpful blog post gives 6 different teacher tips for saving time when planning and organizing for guided reading.  From planning hacks to organization tricks, these teacher tips can be used no matter what guided reading program you follow or what grade you teach.  These time-saving strategies work for 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and 4th grade teachers.  #guidedreading
  • Use these Classroom Management Strategies to reengage your elementary students. I've got behavior management tips, classroom jobs ideas, and ways to keep your students on task and ready to learn! #classroommanagement #firstgrade #secondgrade #thirdgrade #fourthgrade #kindergarten #fifthgrade

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