Track your students’ math data by domain, skill by skill with this time-saving Google Sheet. You enter the raw score. Students’ percentages, class averages, and student reporting pages are auto-calculated! Individual student pages are created with NO additional work on your part! Take a peek at each student’s progress- or print for parents! This saves you SO MUCH TIME during report cards or parent-teacher conferences! It’s designed with the CCSS, but is completely editable so you can customize the skills and standards for your state.  



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Teaching the Distributive Property of Multiplication to 3rd graders is tough. Students struggle with understanding the concept (associative property too!). I always begin our work with area models so students

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Word problems are often a teacher’s biggest struggle in math. Have you said things like “The kids don’t understand them.” and “They grab the numbers out and do a random

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Why your Kids Struggle with Word Problems and what to do sintead

If you’ve been a teacher for any longer than a year, you know many of your kids struggle with word problems. And by many, it could be most of your

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Mondrian art image and "Mondrian Inspired Area and Perimeter Art Project" text

A few years back I came across this fun Piet Mondrian abstract art project that reviewed area and perimeter. Working at an arts integration school, it’s a perfect area and

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Math Test Prep text on image with math manipulatives, protractors, fraction tiles, base ten blocks, and dice

The spring, especially in March, teachers in testing grades start really stressing the upcoming state testing. This year being everything it is, that state testing feels like a bigger beast

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40 Free Tens Frames Google Slides activities with roll and add

This last year has brought significant changes to education. The classroom has been reimagined. I don’t know what things will look like when all is said and done, but in

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phonemic awareness activities

In continuing my posts on phonological awareness, we’re focusing on phonemic awareness activities. If you missed my posts on What is Phonological Awareness and What is Phonemic Awareness, you might

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What is Phonemic Awareness

Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear and manipulate the sounds in words. It is the final component of phonological awareness. These two terms are sometimes incorrectly used interchangeably. The

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Phonological awareness is the ability to hear and manipulate the sounds of language. As students begin to understand the connection between speech and print, they are able to segment sentences

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Google Classroom Organization: a video tutorial

In the last 8 months, Google Classroom, and other learning management systems (LMS), use has skyrocketed. As a classroom teacher, I mainly only used Classroom to share Google Docs and

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I am thankful for... Thanksgiving writing activity and computer screen

With Thanksgiving around the corner you might be looking for seasonal writing activities. With this year being what it is, I wanted to design a digital Thanksgiving writing activity so

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2021 Monthly Printable and Digital Calendars

I used to look for printable calendars each year until I started making my own. I like these because of their simple design, and notes space. They have so many

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