Fall Freebie Frenzy

I partnered with some great friends for an awesome fall unit.  We wanted a new way we could all work together and show appreciation for our tremendous blog followers!

Rowdy in Room 300

We’ve been working on the packet for a few weeks now so I am super excited to share it with you!  There are over 70 pages of fall themed Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies activities for you to do

with your kiddos!

The BEST part is that you can snag it for *FREE* for one week only!
All you have to do is follow each one of our blogs and fill out the little questionnaire below:

The Fall Freebie Frenzy is now over.  Thank you to everyone who participated!

This will only last for this week! September 30th-October 7th, so follow us fast! After this giveaway we
will be placing the packet in our stores to sell!  Thank you for being a follower of mine!  Don’t forget to head to the others’ blogs if you aren’t already following them.


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    Hi, Clicked on the link to follow the blogs- does that form subscribe me to all of them at once? Also do not see a questionaire?? Thanks! Looking forward to the fall freebie. Thanks again

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      Did you click on the link in pink that says "follow our blogs to receive your freebies"? That's the form to fill out to get it sent to you. And, no, you don't automatically get subscribed to all of us. You have to go through and follow each of us individually. A bit of a pain, I know.

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    What great ideas! thank you! I am following all of your great blogs. I have just started my own blog, but it is mostly for my first grade parents to see what we do in class. I would love to expand it! Please stop by and give me some ideas and suggestions. Mrs. Belangers Fabulous First Graders

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      You didn't leave a link for your blog, but most people choose to have their classroom blog separate. It's more work, but then you can be more upfront and honest on your personal one.

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    Love your blogs–aspire to be a blogger one day because of all the wonderful, creative people. Thank you for all the treasures :) Would love to have the packet.

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    I think I am now following all of your wonderful ladies :) I just started blogging as well after being inspired so much throughout my first year of teaching last year! Can't wait to get the packet!!

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      Seeing so many great blogs is what made me decide to start mine!

      You should leave your blog link when you post comments so people can check out your new blog! :)

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    Good morning:

    I started with you during your Sweet Giveaways and am hooked! I am having a bit of trouble locating the pink link that I need to start following the blogs for the Fall Giveway…ugh! Can you please direct me to the location on your page?

    Thank you,


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