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End of the year and Father’s Day freebies!

Are you on break yet?  I am.  Well, sorta.  I work through the month of June to tie up loose ends.  But the kids finished last Wednesday so it sorta feels like I am.  We work a shorter day and things are more calm and relaxed than when school is in session.  I’m enjoying taking my time on things and not rushing to get things done in the 20 2 minutes I have during the school year.  If you aren’t done, how much longer do you have?

I wanted to share some quick, and random, freebies I made for teachers in my building throughout the last few weeks.  I love when someone asks me to make something because then I get to use my creativity and play with the clip art pieces that I have.  I realize I should have shared this long ago, but I was taking a blogging break and just never could get myself on here to do it.

This first one is a Rocking Readers certificate.  A teacher asked for a certificate she could send home to show the kids that she was proud of all of the growth they made while reading.  The top line is for the student name.  The other two lines are for the date and the teacher signature.  You can write the level next to the word.  Click the picture below to download it for free.

Thank you to Krista for the cute border!

This one a teacher found an idea she liked on Pinterest but couldn’t quite find exactly what she was looking for.  There are so many people using the idea that I can’t credit the original, but there are tons of versions out there.  I stayed with the flower theme and used my flower frames.

You can get the image with 4 to a page by clicking the image above.

I also put this Father’s Day activity in my stores last year and have forgotten to share it again.  If you’re still in session and need something to whip up for the kids, check this freebie out.  I know many kids don’t have dads to come to events (I was one of those kids so I’m very mindful of it) so I made a blank page and one for grandpas too!  Just click any of the pictures to download them for yourself.



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