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Subtraction Facts game

Do your students need to build their addition & subtraction fact fluency? Of course they do!

Then try out 5 in a Row!

5 in a Row is a fluency building game that students literally BEG to play. It’s mainly self-running, and changes every single time you play, keeping things engaging. There are two components to 5 in a Row: the printed student gameboard and the digital, self-running, ever-changing slideshow in Powerpoint. The game is set to advance after 9 seconds, but you can add or remove time to best fit your students’ needs. In order to play in Powerpoint you must approve the macros to run- that’s what keeps the game random and fun!

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Students play on their printed gameboards. You can print, cut, and play in no time, or laminate for continued use with dry erase markers. Keep a stack handy in class to play whenever you’d like.

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Once you press start, the game runs on its own, leaving you a second to clean your desk, pass out papers, get a drink of your now cold coffee, or just take a few deep breaths! When students yell “5 in a Row” hit “ESC” to stop the slideshow and check their answers.

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5 in a Row changes with every game you play. When you’ve launched the slideshow, click the shape to randomize the slides, keeping the game ever-changing.

Ready to try it?

Once you play 5 in a Row with your students, they’ll beg to keep playing again and again! Sign up below to receive 2 free versions: addition within 20, and subtraction within 20.

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