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2024 Calendars for the Classroom: Free Printables

2024 printable calendars & calendar gifts text next to printed January 2024 calendar laying on top of colorful paper next to succulents and pens

Each year I make printable yearly calendars. I know there are so many out there, but I like these because of their simple design, and notes space. These 2024 calendars are perfect to give to students to track individual goals. One of my favorite ways to use them is as a super affordable, and personalized gift for adults at Christmas from students. Here are some of my favorite ways to use prtinable calendars in the classroom along with links to the 2024 calendars.


One of my favorite ways to use these calendars is as a parent, or other important person, gift. I know how important those personalized gifts are for the adults in our students’ lives. I also love that a calendar can be a great reminder all year long!

The gift version of my 2024 calendars includes bubbled letters for the month so students can decorate each month. Students also decorate the cover, and then include a personally created image for the back of each month that gets displayed while hanging. I love the affordability of this parent Christmas gift- I print on white cardstock, and bind using the machine at school. I usually get these set up for students to work on all throughout the last week of school before break. As students have a few minutes, they can work on decorating their calendars. So many of my students are so artistic, and love drawing, and they love these gifts. I give specific holidays to hand-write and we talk about what might be a good picture to create on the back of each one.

Click here to download the specific file for the 2024 Calendars for Parent Gifts. Looking for other idea for parent gifts from students? My Art Inspired Christmas Parent Gifts and December in our Classroom posts have other ideas!


There are so many different ways you can use printable calendars in the classroom. This is by no means a comprehensive list of calendar ideas, but these are some ways to start using these simple printable calendars.


Reading logs can result in mixed feelings. Some students need some sort  of accountability for their independent reading. The printable calendar allows me to have students record their reading in a quick and easy way: they write the pages that were read. It’s a great way for me to check in with them and have a conversation about accountability during reading time. Because the dates are given, they just write the name of their book the first time they’re reading it and so filling it out literally takes 30 seconds most days.


I’m often pulling quick reteaching and intervention groups for 5-10 minute mini sessions. It can be difficult to keep track of the frequency or specific student supports due to absences. I like to keep several copies of these calendars for for recording individual student supports. I write the student’s name, what we worked on and for how long, and any necessary progress monitoring data based on that group work. I keep each student’s calendar in a binder at my small group table and then I have it available for recording our official interventions. It takes me 30 seconds per student and then just a few minutes to compile the specifics for our formal intervention meeting. I also love that I can have a quick visual on which students I’ve met with each week and which ones I need to meet with next. I can glance and see who has empty spaces that week to help me prioritize my time. They’re definitely not the most formal of tracking tools, but calendars are easy enough to access and use that it helps me stick with it.


These printable calendars are perfect for individual goal tracking as they’re open ended and students can record any goal you agree upon. Student goal setting can build motivation and investment, and these calendars are easy for any classroom goal with students. Students can use the note space to write out what they want to work on and then use the daily space to record anything they’ve done to work on that specific goal. Some ideas for goals to track would be independent reading, practicing math facts, and working on a computerized tier 2 program. These are great for older students who can be responsible for their own goal monitoring.


These simple calendars are also a great way to keep parents apprised of what is going on at school. Just print, record the applicable dates, and copy to send home. This is great for dress up days, events, mystery reader or special guest schedules, and anything else you want to share.


You can download my 2024 Printable Calendars to use them right away. I hope you find them useful in your classroom! I’d love to hear in the comments how you plan to use them!

2024 calendars printed on colorful paper




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