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How I use Spiral Reviews to Guide Math reteaching text with spiral notebooks and colored base ten blocks around the text

How I Use Spiral Reviews to Guide my Math Reteaching

We’ve all been guilty of it. We look at our assessment data, see a good portion of our class mastered the assessment, and move on because our pacing guide dictates that we do. We know we have those kiddos that need more support before they’ll get to mastery. There’s also those that will struggle to retain their proficiency once we move on to a new unit. On top of those that have mastered that standard

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10 Must Have Fractions Activities for 3rd Grade with fraction circle models

10 Must Have 3rd Grade Fractions Activities

The fractions unit in one of the most critical math focuses in 3rd grade. Students should come to third grade with a basic understanding of fractions of a shape based on 2nd grade geometry standards. But, in 3rd grade, students are introduced to fractions and quickly move into other key fraction standards: fractions on a number line, comparing and equivalent fractions, mixed numbers, and fractions greater than 1. The foundations laid in 3rd grade are

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Christmas Distributive Property Project

Teaching the Distributive Property of Multiplication to 3rd graders is tough. Students struggle with understanding the concept (associative property too!). I always begin our work with area models so students can visually see the model being decomposed into smaller groups. I have an in-depth blog post that shows how I introduce the Distributive Property of Multiplication using area models that walks through my lesson step-by-step. After that initial introduction, I work with larger numbers than

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2022 Monthly Printable & Digital Editable Calendars

2022 Calendars for the Classroom

Each and every year I make printable yearly calendars.  I like these because of their simple design, and notes space. They can be easily customized for anything you need- especially the ready to go digital version. These printable calendars have so many uses in the classroom. They are perfect to give to students to track individual goals. One of my favorite ways to use them is as a super affordable, and personalized gift for adults

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Addition & Subtraction Word Problem Types

Word problems are often a teacher’s biggest struggle in math. Have you said things like “The kids don’t understand them.” and “They grab the numbers out and do a random operation.” We try so many different methods to try and help, and they fall short. Because often, our focus isn’t on teaching students the operations explicitly. And teaching them explicitly is what we need to do! The Common Core State Standards lay out the different

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