Our kinders are struggling with identifying their sight words.  They do better when the words are in isolation, but struggle when they are within text.  While this isn’t exactly the same as reading the words in the context of a book, I thought it would be a fun way to practice identifying them.  Students find the word and color it in with the corresponding color.  Some of the words repeat.  I also created a blank one so that students could select their own sight words and colors.  Click on the image to download the file. I’d love to hear how your students like it!  I know we’ve got a while to go until Easter but I’m thinking Spring!

Speaking of spring, we’re currently under a winter weather advisory.  Right now they’re saying we could get about 5 inches of snow.  They’ve made it clear that it will be a very wet and heavy snow.  However, I live in lake effect district and work in the snow belt.  You probably don’t know what that means, but essentially it means that even though they’re calling for 5 inches, I would not be surprised if we get like 12.  Snow does crazy things here.  Not to mention, we kept being told it was going to be the worst winter ever and it’s been nothing short of amazing!  So, I keep thinking that we’re in for a terrible February and March.  Now, I’m not wishing for a snow day.  Nope, not one bit!  We haven’t had any yet and have already had two of our built-in days off.  We only have one left and that’s in April.  I would rather keep that one for a much needed break because April and May are two very loooooong months.   Have you had to make up any days?  Are you in one of those districts that does the dreaded Saturday school to make up your days?  Here’s to hoping I wake up to only a few inches!