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Fractions Greater than 1 Lesson with picture of two cookies partitioned into parts

How to Teach Fractions Greater than 1: Hands-on Lesson and Engaging Sorts

In order to effectively teach fractions greater than 1, students should have a strong understanding of fractional concepts like numerator, denominator, and fractions representing parts of a whole. I don’t teach fractions greater than one until I feel most of my 3rd grade students are feeling comfort with fractions of a shape and fractions on a number line. Significant work with fractional concepts lays the foundations students need to be successful with improper fractions. You

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Easy Prep 3rd Grade Math Games

Easy Prep 3rd Grade Math Games that Make Learning Fun

Are you a third grade teacher looking for additional math resources for this year? This round up of 3rd grade math games features some of my classroom favorites. I love to use math games in class to work on number sense and build fact fluency. I also like to use games to give students computation practice in an engaging way. Each of these  is easy to prep- often just print and go or assign and

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Algebra in Elementary Grades How & Why text with balance task card displayed on side

How to Integrate Algebra with Elementary Students: Equality, Equations, and Discourse

How do you teach algebra in elementary school? Why would you? If you think of algebra as the class you took in high school and not a critical, intertwined component of mathematics, you might wonder why I’m talking about introducing algebra with elementary students. As with all things, the work we do in the elementary years lays the foundation for students’ algebra work later. Key components of our elementary math instruction build algebraic thinking in

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Multiplication & Division word problem types: what they are and how to teach them" text next to a colorful printed reference chart

Multiplication and Division Word Problem Types

Word problems can be such a struggle. Especially in grades 3rd and up when students have to work through all of the operations and multi-step word problems. Students often struggle to identify the operation presented, or miss part of the steps needed to solve. Explicitly teaching word problem types can help our students recognize the operations in context. The Common Core State Standards lay out the different multiplication & division word problem types that students

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3 Free Multiplication Games text and Left Right Learn printable game with school supplies next to Multiplication Bump on computer screen

3 Free Multiplication Games to Build Fact Fluency

Learning multiplication facts comes through repetitive exposure. My favorite way to build my students’ multiplication fact mastery is through playing games. When they’re playing, they stay engaged which helps them learn both their own facts and those of their partner. Games allow them to practice their facts without really even feeling like they are. Some facts students will know, and others they’ll have to use strategies to solve and find. Each of these games works

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