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1st Grade Math Warm Ups- Set 2

Last year, I created these Common Core math warm ups for our kindergarten teachers.  Our kids go full day, a long day, and come in knowing quite a bit of content.  This allows them to go through most of the K standards by Christmas, and the 1st grade standards the second semester.  Of course, they don’t quite get it all, and they have to spend time reviewing.  But it really prepares the kiddos for first grade.  They were an immediate top seller.  I ended up making similar sets for 2nd and 3rd, and then due to requests, made yearlong sets for both grades.  The original set included practice of several K and 1 Common Core math standards.  It also included pieces practicing calendar skills and money- we still teach that in K.  They were super popular with 1st grade teachers partway through the year (and some in the beginning) because it was review and introduced a few new skills as well.  There are 4 free pages in my stores (because that’s before I knew to include them in the preview) and they are downloaded like crazy.

Well, the kindergarten teachers asked me to make a few more pages with some specific skills.  Of course I obliged.  But I also created many more pages, and included nearly every 1st grade standard.  These are a great practice set for this time of year.  The students are reviewing skills that were covered WAY earlier in the year, and they can practice a variety of skills in one day.  I’ve heard many teachers say that this is the only thing they use for morning work, or some say this is the only thing they use for homework.  I like it because it’s versatile enough that one block can be completed per day, or a section of the day.  They’re also set up in a student-friendly way so the students can see the skill shifts.  But, I know I’m partial to them 🙂
These are just a little different than the first set.  They’re set up the same.  But this time I included the standard number in each box (duh! Should have done that the first time!)  It also includes adding a collection of coins.  However, it only includes pennies, nickels, and dimes and never nickels and dimes together.  I know the CCSS don’t have money until 2nd grade, but that money is a high level of money, and no one is going to get there without the steps along the way.  Are you with me?
Of course, there are 4 free pages again so that you can try them out in your classroom.  Just click on either of the pictures to head to my TpT store and check them out for yourself.  The free pages are in the preview file.
I’d love to hear what you think!



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