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Freebies for the End of the Year

The last few weeks of school have been insanely busy!  On top of the normal end of year stuff, this year my school is closing and so there’s a million packing, moving, starting a new job things that I’m also trying to do.  Then I’ve had a million events in the evenings as well.  The kids still have 5 days, and then the teachers have two more, and so we still have a bit of the way to go.  I am very jealous of everyone that’s already done.  We still have so many make up days thanks to the terrible winter we just escaped from.

I haven’t had much time to think about what we’re doing for the end of the year and to make things fun and cute.  I did find these cute little bubbles sets with 3 in the set from Dollar Tree.  I love that place!  So I decided to use the bubbles, and a book, as my end of the year gifts.

Tag for bubbles bottles for the end of the school year

I made them in a pink and purple cover, and then also in a blue and green color for the boys.

Tag for bubbles bottles for the end of the school year

Last year I made this cute flower tag for thank you gifts.

Tag for using flowers as thank you gifts at the end of the school year.

You can click that image to head to the post to download it for free.


My friend I made the tag for asked me to make another tag so I decided to do a coordinating one.

Tag for using thyme as a thank you gift for parent volunteers.

I think it’s absolutely adorable!


You can click on any of the pictures to download the files.


I hope the end of the year is smooth sailing for you!



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