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6 YouTube Channels to Help you Teach Math

YouTube math channels
I like to use videos and songs in my lessons as much as possible, and math videos are no different.  Having a video give a minilesson gives students the opportunity to take a break from me and my voice, which they love.  It also gives me a moment to sit down.  Sitting down and being quiet for a moment is a glorious feeling that doesn’t happen too often in the classroom.  Watching a video also sometimes gives me a different trick or idea to teach a concept that I can apply later in small groups. I also love to look for videos with songs to teach concepts.  While I am a terrible singer, I know how important it is to tap into music and so I love to find videos where they can sing, and I can sing along, and we can pretend it’s beautiful noise. 🙂

I’ve used math videos from each of these Youtube channels and I love them.  They’re high quality and engaging for the kiddos.  I’ve included a math video from each channel to help you get a feel for what they offer.  You can also click on their header image below to head to each channel.  Some of them offer instructional videos in other subjects as well.

You *might* be living under a rock if you’ve never heard of Khan Academy and their website.  Basically, they have videos for teaching everything math, and have expanded to languages, the sciences, and more.  They’ve changed their website to now allow more direct student interaction and paid services.  Their YouTube page is a bit easier to find a simple video to use as a lesson, in my opinion, versus their website at this point.  The videos are simple and straightforward and teach math concepts well.

PBS Math Club is new to me but I was quite impressed with the videos.  With the older kids on their image, I expected the videos to be only targeted to upper grades, but I was pleasantly surprised to see a few I could use in 3rd grade as well.  The videos do a great job using real, relevant topics to teach math concepts to students.  I also love their 15 second snippets that teach easier concepts.

Have Fun Teaching is website and YouTube channel with a ton of free teaching resources.  A lot of their videos are geared toward the primary grades but they do also have them for the intermediate grades as well.  I used this video when we were working on geometry to help introduce my students to different polygons and the roots that will help them understand different mathematical terms that have them.


Shmoop offers videos on a variety of topics.  With their quirky style, the kids are engaged and attentive to their message.  These are especially good for upper elementary grade students.

The Teacher Tipster is pretty popular- with good reason.  His practical tips and strategies that he uses every day in his classroom are real and work.  I love his style and never get bored with his videos.

Math Antics videos cover so many topics and strands of math.  I always know I can count on this channel when I’m looking for a math video to teach a concept.  While the videos aren’t as showy and fun as some other channels, they do a good job of teaching the math concepts.

While, I don’t share math videos, I also have a YouTube channel where I share tech tips.  You can follow that here. Do you have a favorite YouTube channel that you use for math instruction?


I also have a collection of YouTube Channels to help you teach science!   Head over to that post by clicking the image below.

YouTube science channels



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