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An update and a Sale!

I don’t know about you, but summer is actually my busiest time of the year!  It always seems like there 40 showers/weddings/babies in the summer.  And then you may remember me saying before I do work with a non-profit as well.  The summer is our busiest time.  We just finished our 8 day festival (hence why you haven’t heard from me during this time).  Thankfully, I think the next three weeks are relatively free (except for three showers this coming weekend) and I hope to get some school work done and some house work done too.

All I’ve been working on the last week or so- in addition to relaxing and finding my sanity- is getting caught up on my blog designs!  If you’re waiting to hear from me, you should hear from me soon!  I also hope to get some resources ready for next year.  I need to get back into my room and drop some things off and I’m hoping to get the okay to start setting up very soon!  
In the meantime, I’m reading Teaching with Love and Logic.
I know some people have very strong feelings against this- but I’m intrigued by it.  A lot of my classroom management philosophies coincide pretty well with Love and Logic so I’m excited to start implementing a lot of what they suggest.  Have you read this before?  Do you do Love and Logic in your classroom?
I also decided to throw a sale on my clip art store for today and tomorrow.    
Everything is 20% off.  You can click the image above to go to my clip art section of my store.
Here’s a few of the items I have available.



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