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Back to School Season is Here!

It’s July which means the Back to School season has arrived.  You may not be ready to think about school at all yet, and I’m not really either, but it’s time.  That is, if you want to get some great deals on school supplies.
I’m a couponer.  Once I saw how much I could save by using coupons for household items, I started saving and stockpiling.  I’m not the best couponer in the world, but I go through spurts.  When I’m running out of shampoo, for example, I’ll start being diligent on couponing again for a few weeks and then I’m able to get my stock back up to a good level again.  Last year was the first year I really started couponing for school supplies.  With it being my first traditional classroom, and in a very low income area, I knew I was going to need to purchase a lot of supplies myself.

I started posting School Supply deals each week last summer.  You can click the button below to check one out.

I figured if I was taking the time to compile everything into a list myself, I might as well share it with others.  And people liked it!  I think most teachers are frugal, especially when it comes to our classrooms.

This year, starting next week, I’ll again be posting sales for each week.  Before then, though, you need to head to back to school sales to get your coupons ready before all the sales begin.  You can print out each coupon twice from each computer you use, and I recommend doing that in advance before the deals get posted.  Every week or so I head back to and print out the coupons I think I may use.  That way, they’re available and I know they don’t run out by the time a big sale hits.

There’s also a Back to School sweepstakes at!   Each day they are giving out $100 cash prizes through July 31st.  They are also doing a grand prize of $2,500!  It’s super simple to enter….just put in your email address.

So get your coupons in order, and stake out your local stores!  One note that was new to me— apparently Office Max and Office Depot merged into one store.  This means one less place to score deals, but maybe that makes it more convenient for you to make it there!  And one reminder for you— Staples price matches +10% so if you have both stores available in your area, take the Office Depot ad to Staples and score your goods for even cheaper!


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