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Bitmoji Bookmarks

Bitmoji Bookmarks and text Bitmoji Bookmarks Template

Each year, I end out the year with some student gifts. I give my students at least one book, and some resources they can use to continue to learn in more fun ways with their family. This year, our end of the year is looking incredibly different than ever before. I will be giving students summer gifts when they pick up their supplies in a few weeks. In the meantime, I am going to deliver books to their houses. These Bitmoji bookmarks are the right amount of fun, and a cute reminder of me. I’m making a few I’ll deliver with their books. Plus, they continue to promote reading- which is the biggest thing I’m hoping my students take away from their time with me. I’m also going to be include a couple personalized bookmarks and will include a note from me in the bag.

Each month during the year my students are able to pick out a free book from Scholastic for their home libraries. I’m able to do this thanks to the generous donations of my family and friends that help sponsor this project. Because we’ve been home for so long, my students had 3 books to pick out (March, April, and May). I added in an additional 3 books thanks to bonus points and some of Scholastic’s special offers. I’m so excited to be able to add 6 additional books to my students’ home libraries and I think this will be a much welcome treat during such a confusing time. These Bitmoji bookmarks will be slipped inside the books in the bags. I’m hoping seeing a little mini-me will bring a smile to their faces.

If you haven’t used Bitmojis before, outside of general texting, I put together a quick video on how you can get started. Your personalized Bitmoji is so easy to copy and paste once you have the Chrome Extension. Just install it, link it to your existing Bitmoji account, and you’re ready to use it. If you haven’t set up a Bitmoji account yet, I’d download the app first on your phone so you can design yours to match your appearance. The video below walks through how you can create Bitmoji’s with custom text to match your project.


Using the Bitmoji Chrome extension makes it so easy to copy and paste in my Bitmoji Bookmarks template below. Click the link below to open the file in Google Slides and make a copy for yourself. There are 4 different bookmarks that you’re able to easily place your Bitmoji on top of. A faint gray line is included for even cutting between bookmarks and at the edge to allow for printing differences. Each of the templates is placed as a background so it won’t move easily as you try to place your Bitmoji on top. Just search, copy/paste, resize, duplicate, and print!

You can download my free Bitmoji Bookmark Template here.



  • These are perfect for end of the year gifts! Thanks for sharing them!! 🙂

  • Thank you for sharing this freebie! It was a great reminder that I have the Bitmoji extension and these are perfect!

    • You’re quite welcome! I don’t use them often at school but I thought this was a great time to bring a little “mini me” into our work.


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