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Classroom Finds from Dollar Tree

Classroom Finds at Dollar Tree

Hey everyone!  I continued my incessant shopping spree for my classroom today at Dollar Tree.  A meeting I had was delayed an hour and I was just across the street.  What’s a girl to do with an hour to kill except spend it shopping?!? Every time I’ve gone in before over the last few weeks I’ve been looking for something specific.  Today, I was just browsing and I had some great finds and ideas that

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IKEA Classroom and Decor

Over the years, I’ve managed to find a lot of my classroom furniture and other storage and usable pieces from IKEA.  IKEA is relatively affordable, and some of their storage solutions are perfect for the classroom since they’re designed to fit smaller spaces.  IKEA is about an hour or so away from me, but every couple years I make the trek up there to see what else I might need for my classroom. A few

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