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Do you Audible?

Have you heard of Audible?  It’s Amazon’s marketplace for Audiobooks. Audible has over 150,000 titles in audio format.  That’s the biggest inventory I’ve been able to find.  As a teacher with a long commute, and I know many other people have them too, I like using Audible to continue reading the books I’m currently sucked into.  I just turn it on through the app on my phone, connect my phone to my car speakers using

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Teacher Lesson Planner

Last year I used a customizable teacher planner from A Modern Teacher as my plan book, and I loved it!  I loved that I was able to make it completely the way I needed and wanted.  I’m a paper planner kind of person, and so having one that I can make completely to work for me and my tastes makes me excited. Here are a couple pictures I uploaded last year on Instagram. April has

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Back to School Season is Here!

It’s July which means the Back to School season has arrived.  You may not be ready to think about school at all yet, and I’m not really either, but it’s time.  That is, if you want to get some great deals on school supplies. I’m a couponer.  Once I saw how much I could save by using coupons for household items, I started saving and stockpiling.  I’m not the best couponer in the world, but

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Popsicle Sticks in the Classroom

I’m posting over on Owl-Ways Be Inspired today.  I’m sharing how I use popsicle sticks in my classroom.  Just click the picture below to head there.  We’re starting a weekly linky on different ways everyday items can be used in the classroom, so keep checking back there for loads of great ideas.

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Why I’m Not Always a Blogger

I finished up with school on Tuesday.  Well, the kids finished Friday and thanks to the terrible winter we had, the teachers still had a professional day on Monday, and then a make up professional day on Tuesday.  It was a very long and difficult home stretch this year.  Let me back up and explain. Shortly after the school year started I heard about this tax referendum on the ballot this year.  Our district is

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