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Caterpillar Families

I’ve got a busy weekend this weekend!  Today, I’m working with my favorite non-profit on a fun activity for the kiddos in the city and then going to a birthday party.  Tomorrow I’m watching my favorite three munchkins for a while and then heading to a cookout.  Most teachers love summer because it’s when things relax for them. Things only seem to get busier for me during the summer and I think this weekend is the perfect example of that!

I have been creating so many math items that I wanted to get back into literacy.  In February, I created a center using these cute caterpillars that worked on CVC words.  I recently updated it to add a border to the pages.  You can download them from my TpT store or my TN shop.

I also created a Magic E center using the same format.  I think having the same game with different words saves time because you don’t need to explain rules or procedures.  You can also get it for free from my TpT store or TN shop.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend.  And for all the Americans, I hope your long weekend is extra awesome!  Happy Memorial Day!



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