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Classroom Random Name Generator

Student Name Generator blog post image

There are so many times that you need to choose a random student name in the classroom.  It might be for a student to take something down to the office.  It might be for a student to answer a question.  It might be a student’s name for being the first to line up, or to choose books from the classroom library.  Whatever the reason, having a random name generator available is an easy way to choose a student for whatever you might need.

In the past, I’ve used my Alexa to choose a random number for me, and then that number corresponds with a student.  I’ve also used the Random student selector on Class Dojo to help me choose a student (if you use Class Dojo they have some great classroom tools in their Toolkit).  Of course, my first few years of teaching I also used a stick system as well.  With popsicle sticks, I would add a piece of washi tape to one side so I could keep track of which students had been chosen.Popsicle sticks for student names

The problem I always had with the stick system is that I felt like it was somewhat cumbersome.  If I was choosing students for something non-academic, then they weren’t getting chosen for the academic tasks.  Or if I wanted to use it to choose several volunteers for a fun task, then students who had just been chosen wouldn’t have the opportunity to be chosen again because I wanted to keep things fair. I wanted to have something different in place- something that allowed me to truly choose a random student from the group.

I created this Random Student Name Generator to help fit that need.  It’s so easy to set up, and you’re able to choose a random student with just one click of the button.

Mystery Student Generator Display

The file only works in Powerpoint, unfortunately, but if you have it, it’s so easy to set up and use!  Just follow the directions to make a new slide with each student’s name. All you have to do is enter the first student’s name on the second slide, right click to create a duplicate slide, and replace the student’s name with your second student.  Repeat until your class list is complete, then save.  You’re ready to go for the entire year in less than 2 minutes set up!


When you’re ready to use the Random Name Generator, just launch the file, enable the macros that allow the random student to be chosen, and click the button.  That’s it!

Mystery Student Chosen Name Display

After the student has been chosen, just click the “HOME” button and it will go back to the main screen.  From here, you can choose another student if you want to choose more than one, or leave it open on your computer for the next time.

I have created three different Random Student Name Generators so you can choose the one that best fits your style.  You can download all 3 for free from my TpT store using the link below.

Random Student Name Generator

Random Student Name Generator product cover

The Random Student Name Generator is also part of my Digital Classroom Management Tools Bundle.  The bundle includes digital tools for behavior rewards, centers rotations, a morning message and schedule display, and more!  I use these tools in my classroom every single day and they save me so much time during my morning prep.  You can check out the Digital Classroom Management Tools Bundle on TpT to take a closer look at all that’s included.

Digital Classroom Management Tools Bundle cover

Random Student Name selector image


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