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Edible Learning

As you can tell, my blog has been a little abandoned this summer, and it’s only gotten worse the last few weeks.  I went back to work two weeks ago and have been doing professional development with my staff, and I’ve been crazy busy with outside commitments.  I didn’t want to keep my blog empty, so I asked a few bloggy friends to share a few ideas with you over the next few weeks.  I’ll still be popping in to share some things with you, but I think you’ll love the people I have lined up!  First up, is the wonderful Mary from Sharing Kindergarten.  Please welcome her and show her some love!

Hi all!
I am off to a FUN start on my school year and I am so excited to share some ideas and pictures of edible learning in my classroom. One of my favorite ways to make learning stick is my using food.
Somehow, food makes a lesson memorable… and fun… and yummy!!!

class usually starts off with the letter Ll the first week of school,
so I LOVE to use licorice to learn. But… I kinda got carried away
getting ready for my school year.

Here is my first food idea…

I made this activity called A Tisket A Tasket!

Grab it here on TN or here on TpT

Using the ten frame apple mats and  Twizzlers Bites licorice as my “apples.”

Since some students are ready to create numbers, I made one blank set.

But since some students are not ready to create numbers, I made a ten frame set with markers in them to model.

can use these for about a million different things! Counters, math manipulatives, dry erase markers, calendar activities, or to display
them on the wall. I will use them for food!

I also use these ten frames at my calendar EVERYDAY to talk about number
sense. We connect the top row of the ten frames with one of our hands
and the bottom ten frame to the other. Together… they make ten. To
make six, you need one whole row, one hand, and another on the next row)
one finger on the other hand.

Next, I am using Pull and Peal licorice to create shapes, letters and numbers.This is slightly messy and so much fun!

 I love to talk with my kids about counting how many sides each shape has. We have to break out piece of licorice into that many pieces in order to create that shape. We also have to make that many points. The thought process is awesome.

After we create, we eat the shapes and we draw them using our pencils… again, thinking about how we created the shape with the licorice.

But… We also create words… like our sight word of the week…

This is not in any pack, but something I created for my class.

We also create letters using these mats, but I have since added the sun in the sky as well.

These letter and number mats are in this pack…

Grab it here on TN or here on TpT

 Gran this freebie shape sheet to create your own shapes in your classroom!

Head to my blog to grab this freebie sheet here!

I am going to be using ten frames a lot this year with the Common Core rolling out.

How about you?

  Mary Amoson, Sharing Kindergarten



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