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Erasable Office Supplies

If there’s one thing that makes teachers happy it’s new office supplies.  When I saw these from Shoplet I knew I wanted to check them out!  I was not let down.  They’re ERASABLE!

First, I tried out these SuperTab Erasable Manila Folders from Smead.

There’s a little strip that has a sheen to it (that you can’t see on here) on the tab for you to write on.  I love that you write on them in Sharpies.  This makes reading what’s written SO much easier.  I usually write on most of mine in pencil so that I can erase and reuse them.  I’m cheap frugal like that.  I’ve even raided other people’s file folder stashes as they were throwing them away.  No shame.

When you’re done using the folder with that purpose you can erase the title you’ve written with a Pentel white polymer eraser and a little elbow grease.  These are PERFECT for student files since you can reuse them each year.

If my excitement for these erasable folders was going to be beat, it was certainly done by the FasTab Hanging Erasable File Folders.

I use hanging files for my student files and so these were completely perfect.  They are sturdy and have a large, erasable writing area. Plus, I love the different colors.

I also loved these Smead Vertical File Folders.  You can have them standing on your file folder rack and still see what’s written on them.  I do also like that they give you the option to write on a traditional edge or the vertical edge.

I also got to check out this Smead Step Organizer and it’s my new take-home envelope.

It has tabs so you can label each section if you choose.  I switched to this one because while my previous one was absolutely adorable (I got it for $1 a while back) it was not sturdy and it only had 6 slots.  This one has 12.  As much as I don’t want to publicly admit that I bring home more than 6 on occasion.  I stuffed it full this weekend and it’s holding steady.

And that’s it for today’s edition of You Know You’re a Teacher When: Erasable Folders style. 🙂
Life. Changing.



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