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Graphic Organizers for Reading

I am so excited that I had the opportunity to review Laura Candler’s Graphic Organizers for Reading.  She has aligned the organizers with the Common Core State Standards.  I have to say that I was excited about this book after I looked at it.  The graphic organizers are easy to use, she offers practical tips and suggestions, and the layout makes a teachers’ job easy.
Probably my favorite feature is the first chapter itself.  It starts out with ideas on how you can use the graphic organizers with minilessons for your students.  Then comes the best part!  Laura has laid out the CCSS by grade level, for both fiction and nonfiction, and then tells you which organizers you can use to help you teach that standard.  There’s even a hyperlink so you can go directly to that organizer!  She has made it so easy to use!
The book includes some multi-purpose organizers as well as organizers that are laid out for fiction and non-fiction use.  Laura provides step by step minilessons that you can use with your students.  The multi-purpose organizers also give examples to help you internalize how they can best be used.  Because they aren’t as well known, I love that I can see them “in action” a bit to help us visual learners!  
I think this book is a great addition to any teacher’s repertoire.  It’s perfect for working with comprehension skills.  I think it would also be a great resource to use during content area teaching to help students disseminate and understand the information they are reading.  If you want to find out more information about this book you can check out the site created especially for it:
Thank you to Laura for letting me review this awesome book!



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