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Math, math, math

Hi!  Remember me?  Yes, I’m that blogger you love hearing from.  The one that posts the most random things from kindergarten math, to sixth grade reading, to clip art.  Yeah, I took a little hiatus.  Prepping for the big sale wore me out.  I took a few (fourteen) steps back from the computer for a few days and enjoyed life as a non-blogger.  I didn’t creating anything at all, for almost two weeks, for the first time in months.  I do have quite a few things that I found that I want to share with you soon, but, first up, some goodies from me!

I’m still spending a lot of my thinking energy on my number sense kiddos.  Since they didn’t grasp number sense the first, second, third (I could keep going ) time around, I’m trying to come up with other ways to make it click and stick!  My cuties in second are still struggling with place value and understanding what each place means.  I’ll think they get it but then they don’t, and I have to come up with something new.  One thing I tried on Friday was a spur of the moment, they-aren’t-getting-it-and-I’m-out-of-ideas idea.  We borrowed the middle school science room (the only room in the building with tile instead of carpet) because they just happened to be at lunch.  I used a dry erase marker to write H, T, and O in the tiles.  Then I’d name or write a number and ask the students to jump into the place a specific digit was in.  Or, I’d say something like, “If I add 40 to this number, what digit changes?”  It seemed to go pretty well for two of the three kiddos.

So on the way home from school yesterday I was trying to think of what else I could do with them, and I thought of this song.  I’m going to teach it to them the next time I’m with them.  It’s gotta help, right?!?

You can click on the picture to download it as a pdf.
I’m also gearing up to use my Snowman Math centers with them.  I created them just with them in mind.  It works on place value, mentally adding multiples of tens, comparing numbers, and more.  You can click on the picture below to head to my TpT store and check it out.
Or, if you prefer Teacher’s Notebook, you can get it by clicking here.
And, last but not least, right before the sale launched I finished the full year set of my 2nd grade common core Daily Math Warm Ups!  I had a lot of requests for the full year and I just kept putting it off.  Just like my third grade set, it includes every standard (except one) in the set, there are 40 pages, and 5 review standards per page.  There are 4 sets in all and each set reviews the same standards.  Much of the sets are review with the same format, just different numbers, but some of the standards are presented differently.  You can check it out, and download 4 free pages, but clicking the picture below.  The 4 free pages are in the preview file.



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