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More page frames

Thank you and welcome to all of you who are here from the awesome Teach123 blog!  Take a second to check out some of my older posts, and follow me if you like what you see!

I got some good feedback from the page frames I posted over the weekend.  Thank you to everyone who took a second to let me know your thoughts.  I really appreciate it!  I created some star borders that I’d like to share with you today!  Right now I only have these in two colors, but I’m sure there will be more on the way soon! 🙂

These are free for you to use but please leave me credit in the file with a link back to my blog.  I’d truly appreciate it!  I also decided to try my hand at selling some of them.  I created a file that has 12 png files for these cute polka dot frames. Here’s one to preview.

And, finally, did you get my newsletter last night?  It was my first attempt at a newsletter.  I will be spending a bunch of time playing with the background and layout.  I had already spent HOURS on it and I decided to just stop fighting it.  I’m sure it will be changing every month!  My newsletter will always offer something free that’s exclusive to subscribers.  This month it was a free poster from my adjectives unit.  If you still need to sign up, there’s a link in the right sidebar.

Till next time….



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