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Science Journals and BOGO!

I’ve finally gotten back into the swing of products and blogging- I think.  It’s not been 10 days between posts and I think I know another couple posts I’ll be doing in the next few weeks.  That’s remarkable for how I’ve been the last month or so.  Most teachers get in their funk about this time of year (or March-ish).  I’m usually coming out of my funk by then.  My funk is like the end of January- March.  I think it’s the weather- the cold weather.  I need sun, and warmth, and cute toes to make me happy.  I need to be able to sleep in until the sun is calling me out of my slumber.  These are the things that make me happy.  Oh, and ice cream.  Ice cream definitely makes me happy.  I won’t tell you the *ahem* 5 times I’ve had ice cream in the last 7 days.

Yesterday, I spent some time sprucing up my science journals, bundling them, and posting them in my stores.

There are 4 different journals: Butterfly, Ladybug, Plants, and Weather.  This coves the topics we cover in science this spring.  Each journal is formatted the same: date, place to record (life cycle, temperature, or measurement{US or metric}), space for writing, and space for a picture.
Each journal also comes with a scaffolded writing set.  The scaffolded writing is set up so you can differentiate by student need, or so you can build into paragraph writing.  The pages range from sentence starters {First, my plant}, just transition words {First,}, just broken up into fourths, and then a paragraph.  This set is great for building students into paragraph writing.  It’s also a great piece that can be displayed for teachers, parents, and administrators because they will be shocked by your students’ writing.
Just click the picture below to head to my TpT store to check it out.  It’s in my TN shop as well.
In honor of reaching a HUGE personal milestone today, I decided to throw a Buy 1 Get 1 sale!
I announced it on my Facebook page  about an hour ago and it’ll last until 8 pm cst.  All you do is buy and item (or two) that you wish from my TpT store or TN shop, then email me (talesfromoutsidetheclassroom at with your username and what you purchased (so I can verify it), and then let me know what item(s) you’d like for free.  Like any other B1G1 sale, the free items must be of equal or lesser value.  I will work on getting everything sent out tonight or tomorrow.  That’s it!  It’s a great time to get some of those items off of your wishlists!
I hope you have a great week.  For us, it’s the last one before we start our never ending barrage of tests!


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