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Scientific Observation Journals

An important part of science in the primary grades is beginning to observe scientifically.  Students learn to observe with more than just their eyes, and use their ears and measuring tools to record more precisely.  I created these scientific observation journals to help kindergarten students record their observations during their classroom study on life cycles. Students recorded the life cycle stage, drew a picture,and wrote about what they saw.  Because weather is the science unit just after, it made sense to continue the same sort of format into that same unit.  Their teachers asked me to create a journal where students would record what the temperature was each day, write a sentence about the weather, and draw a picture to show what it looks like.

The Primary Science Observation Journals include 4 different journals: Butterfly, Ladybug, Plants, and Weather.  This covers the topics we cover in science this spring.  Each journal is formatted the same: date, place to record (life cycle, temperature, or measurement{US or metric}), space for writing, and space for a picture.
Each journal also comes with a scaffolded writing set.  The scaffolded writing is set up so you can differentiate by student need, or so you can build into paragraph writing.  The pages range from sentence starters {First, my plant}, just transition words {First,}, just broken up into fourths, and then a paragraph.  It’s also a great piece that can be displayed for teachers, parents, and administrators because they will be pleasedby your students’ writing.