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Sight Word Shakers

Sight word shakers are an easy center.

I receive office supplies from from time to time to try out.  I was super excited when these Astrobright sets arrived at my house.

I received the Neon Astrobrights colored paper and the Happy Astrobrights colored card stock sets.   I generally just use the colored paper that my school supplies and I rarely, rarely have used card stock.  Well, after using both of these sets, I don’t think I’ll be going back to either.  I was super impressed with the quality of the paper.  It was a bit thicker than the cheap paper my school provides, but what stood out the most was just how bright the paper actually is.  This will be perfect for the art projects we do because they just stand out so much.  I’m thinking it’ll be fantastic as a torn paper project on black paper.  I used the card stock to create a couple sight word shakers for our word work bin.

Create sight word shakers using old creamer bottles to help students practice sight words.
I used a Coffee-Mate creamer bottle since the bottles themselves are clear.  I soaked it, cleaned it, then took off the wrapper and let it dry for a few days.  It did take a few days sitting upside down to get all of the water out it seemed.

I copied each of the Dolch sight words onto three colors of the card stock.  I then cut out a row from one color, a different row from another, and a row from the last color.  I then used the rest to make three more bottles.

I started by pouring a bit of rice into the bottom.  Then I dropped 5-7 words at a time into the bottle, added more rice, added more words, etc.

The Astrobrights card stock was great to use for this project.  The bright colors make it super simple to see the words in the rice.  The card stock is also firm enough that rice hasn’t damaged the words as the students have shaken it up.

It’s important to leave some space at the top for the rice to move around and the words to come out.  I taped a piece of construction paper over the top before screwing the red cap back on.  That way, nothing really can come out.  Especially because we all know that there’ll be at least one kid who does open the top to check it out even after you’ve explained that they need to not do that.

My students have multiple word work options in the Word Work center, so this is just one that they can choose.  They love using it so far!


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