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St. Patrick’s Day Freebie

I’m pretty sure I don’t know what happened to my life since I last posted on Monday.  I worked, I remember that.  But, uh, where has the rest of the time gone?  I don’t think I spent an evening at home.  And I was busy all weekend this weekend too.  I haven’t done laundry yet.  I haven’t gotten things together for my evaluation tomorrow (eek!).  I need to get some data together for a presentation and I might have, maybe, said it would get done by Thursday.  I was working on it Friday and it wasn’t going the way I wanted to.  And so now I’m procrastinating doing that and thought I’d write a blog post instead.  I wanted to share some St. Patrick’s Day freebies with you.  Most of these are items I posted last year at this time.

I *just* posted this digital paper pack.  I love some of the new designs I tried out.  Of course, there’s chevron in there since I’m way obsessed.

Last year I posted these freebies.  This is a game practicing Magic E words.  Simple and straightforward.

This game can be used to practice addition or multiplication facts.  Again, simple, but easy to differentiate.
These St. Patrick’s Day Number Grids build students’ understanding of the hundreds chart by having students complete the missing numbers.  
I hope you enjoy these freebies and I hope to come back to blogging soon!



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