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Teachers Notebook Sale! and a random freebie

What are you up to this weekend?  I’m staying home and relaxing after the stressful week I’ve had.  If you live in Indiana you’re sure to know, and I wonder if others do too, but our state testing this week was a disaster!!  The state mandated that all testing be online.  And, well, they weren’t ready to handle that.  CTB, our provider, and an arm of Mc-Graw Hill, had their servers crash more than once.  Then, yesterday, we were having issues with the accommodations for our accommodations students working.  As test coordinator for my building, it was extremely stressful and tiring.  And, if you’re already not a fan of Mc-Graw Hill and the monopoly they have in education, and the fundraising they contribute to politicians, well that certainly didn’t help things.   So, I think I’ll be spending time on the couch on a date with my computer and my dog- especially since it’s rainy out.

Anyway, have you heard about the Teachers Appreciation sale at Teachers Notebook?  They’re offering a sale from today (5/4) through 5/10.  That’s long!  And there are even some stores that are offering up to 50% off!  Wow!  I’m offering 20% off today through Tuesday.  So, take some time on this weekend to pick out some items.  One important note is that I AM offering my math warm up bundles at the full 20% off as part of this sale, but I never do that at TpT.  So, if you’ve been eyeing them, make sure to grab them at TN this weekend!  Just click the button below to go check out my shop.

Another random note, my first grade teachers asked me to come up with a poster of some sort to show the augh and ough words that say aw.  At first, I was like “Those letters say aw?”  But then they reminded me of some of the words.  Oh yeah!  So, if you can use this poster in your room, feel free to click the picture below and print it.  It’s just in picture form (I already deleted the rest of the file so it’s too late for me to make a pdf) but you can print it out full size from there.

That’s it for me for now.  Sorry it’s so short and random but I promise I’ll be back with more soon!


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