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The Cornerstone for Teachers

Classroom management is crucial.  We can dream about having 25 kids sit in their desks, listen, and do exactly what we ask of them.  But, it’s not going to happen.  In fact, I think it might make things a bit boring actually.  *gasp*  I mean, sometimes that kid who shouts out something so ridiculous that makes you all (including you) laugh, is a blessing in disguise because things need lightening up. But, none of us want that to happen all day long.  No one would learn anything.  So what do you do when you have 2 3  5 kiddos who don’t fit the mold?  How do you keep it from being 12 kids who don’t fit the mold?

I was lucky enough to share some ideas for classroom management over on The Cornerstone for Teachers.  Come on over and check out my post with some tips I’ve learned.  There’s also a freebie with no-cost rewards you can use with your students!


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