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Using Powerpoint for Centers Management

Centers Rotation Powerpoint

Over the years, I’ve used a variety of systems to manage my small groups and centers rotations. I’ve used Slides and Powerpoint to display one chart with different slides for each day of the week as detailed in my Small Group Instruction Management post. My Editable Centers and Small Group Display has been a savior for that! I’ve also used Powerpoint to time, signal, and rotate through my small group rotations each day. Every year, my classroom needs seem to be a bit different. The centers management systems I’ve used have changed just a bit each year depending on the grade level I am teaching and the district expectations with curriculum. If you’re looking for a first-time, or new to you, centers management system for Google Slides or Powerpoint, this video tutorial is for you!

In the video tutorial, I walk through how to set up your Centers Rotation Chart in Powerpoint. We add a background, use customized group names, set up slide timings and transitions, and add countdown timers. This is perfect if you want your centers to rotate through automatically on their own! Just click to launch the self-timed Powerpoint, and go! This is ideal when your small group table is across the room from your computer! This also works great in a workshop model when students are working independently until they see you. This centers management tutorial is designed with one file, one slideshow, per day. But, it can be easily duplicated for a quick update for the next day’s rotation sequence.


I hope this tutorial has given you the confidence to set up your own Centers Management Powerpoint! Get set up in 20 minutes or less! Then, you can make changes in just a couple minutes when you adjust your small groups.

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Centers Management Powerpoint text and computer display with rotation 1, small groups a-d, and literacy groups displayed



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