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Valentine’s Day

I wasn’t sure I was going to survive today.  It’s been a crazy busy week and I just didn’t get myself prepared physically or mentally for Valentine’s Day.  As of 5pm last night, when I was finally hitting up Meijer for supplies, I still had no idea how our Valentine’s Day party was going to go.  I knew I was going to buy bags for the kids to decorate and to help get cards passed out smoothly.  Of course, seeing as that was the only thing that I knew I was going to get, I forgot them.  Partner teacher saved the day once again!  I also knew I only had about an hour and a half to fill with fun.  Do you know how long an hour and a half feels when you have absolutely no clue what you are going to do?  It feels like an eternity, that’s how long.

As I was walking through the store I found this mixed bag of Skittles and Starburst.  40 pieces of candy in one bag.  I only have 18 kids at the moment, so I thought it’d be perfect.  I could give each kid one of each.  Wanna know the best part?  I opened up the bag and there were 4 Skittles.  4.  And 26 Starbursts.  Clearly, the bags are a mix and I wasn’t sure if it’d be split an even 20:20.  But, 4:36.  Not the kind of ratio I was hoping for.

I did decide to go with the Starbursts and go with the *burst* idea.

I’m sure I need to give someone credit for this idea.  I’m sure I saw it on Pinterest at some point and it wasn’t my own genius moment.  However, I’m also sure that it didn’t happen anytime within the last few weeks so I have no idea who to give credit to.  So thank you, witty candy Valentine creator!

Free editable Valentines to be paired with Starbursts

Because I waited till the eleventh hour, I didn’t have time to go to crafty places looking for ideas.  Probably a quick look on Pinterest would have given me an idea or two I could have used and found at the store.  Of course I didn’t do that, though.  As luck may have it, I actually had an idea as I was walking through the store.  Kisses!  Foil!  Easy peasy!

I made a quick writing sheet using my free Valentine’s Day borders.  Then each student got a piece of foil that they cut a triangle from and they chose a piece of scrap paper to make the little flag.  They then wrote a letter to whoever they wanted to give a “kiss” to.  They loved it!  Even my most reluctant writers enjoyed writing letters to people in their lives that they could take home to them for Valentine’s Day.  A couple kids were even excited that they had a Valentine’s Day present for someone.

So many of them were just so sweet and heartfelt!  I loved this one.  “You are the best mom I had ever had in my intire lif no matter what happens.”  So sweet and so funny!

All in all the day went much more smoothly than I had anticipated (Oh, thank goodness!).  Everyone came in and left as such sweethearts today and I got a few more hugs than usual.  I hope your day was just as great and you’re spending it with all the ones you love, both in your classroom and out!

Free writing paper for Valentine's Day

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One Comment

  • I love the 'kiss' letters…such a great idea!!! We've been out of school since Tuesday afternoon with snow days, so we'll be celebrating Valentine's Day when we go back next Tuesday (Mon is a teacher workday). I think I'll be borrowing this sweet idea…my kiddos will love it 🙂


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