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Wednesday Website #3

Thanks to Ashley for the adorable girl clip art!
It’s week 3 of Wednesday website!  This week, I’m sharing another site that’s fantastic for the primary grades.  I first learned about it when I was student teaching.  I went to use it again and couldn’t find it, but I see that it’s with Earobics now (or always was?) and so it’s hosted on their site.
Alien Scavenger Hunt is in the intermediate level and says it practices letter-sound correspondence.  Letter Bugs (shown below) practiced CVC words.  Space Trash is not letter-sound that we’re used to so much.  It actually practices digraphs and other more intermediate phonics skills.
Fearless Frieda is spelling practice.  When I played, it mainly focused on words with the magic e skill.  Frieda would say a word, and students would type it.
I hope I’ve shared a new site with you that you can use!  I hope to find some other great sites from other bloggers as well!




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