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What a week!

This was a crazy, crazy week.  On Monday, it was announced who are new principal will be for next year.  It’s the guy who does my job for the upper grades at our school.  We’ve worked closely together for the last two years and I’m super excited for him and know he’ll do a great job.  However, I also found out on Monday that they’ve decided to get rid of our positions.  They’ve decided to add an assistant principal and they hired someone who interviewed for the principal position.  They told me that in the restructuring they wanted to ensure I was still a member of the team and they created a differentiated specialist position that they offered me.  We’re still discussing what that position will look like exactly but it sounds a bit like a combination of the two jobs I had prior to coming to here, which is great.  I’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster all week and I’ve been stressed and overwhelmed with the changes.  I’m excited to see what the new position has in store.

Needless to say, I haven’t been blog stalking, creating, or posting much this week.  I’ve been in my own little world for the most part.  I don’t have anything new to share with you, but in case you missed my Fan Only Freebie on my Facebook page.  You can download it here. You must like my page in order to download it.

This week isn’t looking like I’ll get much done throughout the week.  But hopefully I’ll have some time next weekend to work on some of my items.  Like my 3rd grade Common Core math review pack to match the K/1 and 2nd grade ones.

Till next time…..



  • New principal, and new position- whew! I bet that kind of change is a little overwhelming. Focusing on differentiation sounds like it could be awesome, though! I bet with the summer, too, you'll have lots of time to plan for it and make it the most useful thing you can!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  • Yeah, I'm trying to stay optimistic about it. Once we can start talking more specifically about it, I think I'll feel better. I've done a lot of differentiation stuff in my current position so I think things will work out okay. The unknown is always so scary, though!

    Thanks for the kind words and thanks for stopping by!

  • We have instructional facilitators at our school district. I am sure what ever your position title, it will be awesome!

    I am a actually writing specials teacher k-4. I know it's an odd position title, but it has been a lot of fun and very enlightening. Come check it out!

    I am your newest follower!

    • That does sound like an interesting special! I was at a school who had Math as a special as well. It's funny how so many different schools set things up so different.

  • Hi, Tess. I'm glad to have found your website = great resources. One thing I admire about you is how you land on your feet — running to something better and better. You are such a creative, resourceful person. I know you'll continue to do well in this field and continue to mentor others as you have done here.


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