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When I’m busy, you win!

I’ve been busy as a bee the last few days.  Bizzy.  Bizzy.  Bizzy.  I found my mojo, I kept my ADD in check (self-diagnosed, of course).  And I finished up two ideas I’ve had in my head, because no idea should be stuck in that craziness.

First, I fiiiiiinally finished the final set of my 3rd grade story problems so I could upload and bundle.  Sheesh! It feels like I’ve been working on these forever.

They probably should have been one of the first sets I created, but, alas, I just finally got to them.  They are set up with the same format as the others- so they could be used as task cards, worksheets, centers, basically any way that you could dream of!  And just like the others, they’re only $20!

But, my plan all along was always to bundle them all for you, so I finally got to that too!  The bundle includes my Elapsed Time, Area & Perimeter, and the Beginning Multiplication & Division sets as well.  If you buy the bundle, you save $1.  I always like to do that 🙂  If there’s another set of story problems you think I should do and add to this set, just shoot me an email.  I feel like I’m missing something.  Also, just a word, the Elapsed Time set is HARD.  They’re multi-step.  They’re really pushing my RtI kiddos as we work on them together.  You can try out a couple of the problems by clicking on the PREVIEW link.

And, I’ve been wanting to make these a while, but I finally sat my booty down and did it.  My RtI kids need something different to do.  I need to push their brains a bit.  Plus, I need them to have something to do with their hands because if they rub on the table, tap on the table, pound on the table, fall off the table, roll over the table, one more stinking time, I just might lose my everloving mind. 🙂  So we use number tiles that they can use and move around, instead of just a dry erase marker, and it helps my sanity.

 While these don’t exactly fit a Common Core standard, they certainly build students’ problem solving and critical thinking skills as they’re trying to solve the problem.  Now, these are intended for 1st and 2nd grade classrooms so no multiplication is needed (except for understanding what twice a number means).  They build students’ place value understanding in addition to strengthening their math fact knowledge in more abstract ways.

 They’re set up with 4 to a page as task cards but they’re versatile in that you could choose to use them as worksheets, a center, or however else you use task cards in your room.  (How do you by the way?  Read/Write the room? Independent centers?

I also included an answer key so that if you want it to be available for students to independently check their work, you can.  It’s also great to project on a whiteboard to explain to students the reasoning you used to solve the problem.  Want to extend the rigor even further?  Have students justify their answer by writing it on paper.  It’s a difficult task, but one students will need to be doing for the big, bad mandated assessments they’ll face in a few years.

Of course, I want you to be able to try them out to see if you’d like them so I put a page free in the PREVIEW file.  There are 4 different cards from throughout the set.  It also includes black and white and colored number tiles in case you need them.

*I know this is long but you want to keep going.  I promise!*

**If you’d like to win any of these 3 items, all you need to do is choose 1, pin it, then leave a comment here with the pin url and your email address.  You may enter all 3 times if you wish.  I will randomly choose 3 winners on Monday night.  This should give email subscribers a chance to win too!**

If you saw my post yesterday, you saw that I’m having a sale at my Teachers Notebook shop!  I’m offering 20% through Tuesday!  This sale also includes my Math Warm Up bundles for 2nd and 3rd grades.  Normally, I don’t put the bundle on sale since you still get 10% off of it.  But, this time I did so it’s a great time to snag a set.  Click the picture below to head to my shop and check it out.

But, I’m also participating in the TpT sitewide sale as well!  TpT’s sale runs just Tuesday & Wednesday and you must use the coupon code to get the extra 10% off from them.   It’s a great time to snag everything you need for the end of the year, and some items you want to get and have the summer to look over.  Click the adorable graphic below (thanks Hadar!) to check out my store and get items on your wishlist now!  A bunch of my blogger friends are also participating and you can see them at the bottom of this post.
Don’t forget to leave me your pins and good luck!




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