Did you see the post title?  Did you put two and two together?  No?  Well, here, I’ll fill you in….

I’m going to be teaching 3rd grade next year!!!!
Okay, so here’s the best part.  I will be teaching 3rd with one of my friends (and just her) at a school I worked at 4 years ago.  I was a differentiation coach there, was RIF’ed, but am so excited to be heading back!  I won’t bore you with the three hour story that I made some of my friends sit through, but it was fate.  Things really just fell into place and just sorta happened.  It was magical.
So I’m really, really, ridiculously good-looking excited for next year.  I’ve already gotten so many ideas and plans rolling around in my head.  I need to take a chill pill (What is this?  1984?)  The one thing I have let myself start working on is designing my room.  I want it to be adorable, functional, and I need to be frugal.  All that means I need to start browsing and shopping now.  First stop, Big Lots.  Now, I realize that you likely won’t find the same deals at your local Big Lots.  But, last year, tons of bloggers found that super adorable chevron rug all across the country, so maybe there is hope.
If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a little lot obsessed with black and white.  My purse and computer bag are Parisian Pop from 31.  Love!  My bathroom is black and white.  And, clearly, this blog is mostly.  I do like to throw colors in sometimes too though.  So, I’m going with black and white in my room.  There’ll be colors thrown in for things I can’t control (and bright accents probably) but for the most part I’m sticking with it.  So here are the goodies I found on my Big Lots adventure today!  
What I didn’t buy……yet!
I couldn’t find these cubes online to show you but I really wish I could have!  I’m really thinking about going back for these.  The problem: they’re $39.99 each!  That’s a lot for me.  Especially since I want to buy at least 4.  I was thinking that they’d be good in my reading nook.  But then I was thinking, no one wants to be backless so maybe they’re not worth it.  You know, convincing myself I’ll find something better for cheaper.

 They called this a club chair.  Online it says it comes in black and green but this is all I could find at my store.  I hate the legs.  A lot.  But I love the top.  It was soft and plushy and it was big.  So big in fact that I felt a bit awkward sitting in it (I’m pretty short).  I thought I’d end up not leaning against the back which is why I didn’t buy it immediately.  I may go back for it.  It’s $40 too but for a teacher chair I don’t think that’s too bad.    
I’m 95% sure I’m going back for one of these.  They’re $30 and you can see more about it by clicking the picture.  My store had this polka dot, plain black, and zebra.  Without realizing it, I might be getting a zebra theme I wasn’t quite planning for.  I’m thinking that I’ll spray paint the sides and top black.  Then I’d store stuff in here.  Like one drawer would be for dry erase boards, another might be for journals, etc.  But then I was thinking that they might not be sturdy enough for that sort of thing.
What I did buy….
 I’m thinking zebra duct tape might come in handy at some point this year! πŸ™‚
 They had these books for $3 each.  While they aren’t exactly non-fiction, they at least are focused on animals and are an easy attempt to beef up my boy books.  What I like most is that these are written at a lower level than a lot of nonfiction.  They’re all a part of the Smithsonian Backyard series.
Can you tell I’m indecisive?  And cheap?  πŸ™‚   I’m heading to IKEA on Sunday to price and buy there as well.  Leave comments if there’s anything I definitely need to check out.  We don’t have any Garden Ridge or HomeGoods near me.  But I’m thinking Hobby Lobby and Old Time Pottery will have some pieces I’ll need to snag there too!