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GRIT: What is it?

I originally heard of Grit during a conference discussing leadership in membership organizations when someone shared this Ted Talk from Angela Lee Duckworth.  I immediately thought of my students and how grit was an important part of the work we do each day as educators. As a former teacher, Duckworth wanted to see what kept students engaged and successful with school.  And what she said made so much sense.  In education classes in college I

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How to be a Problem Solving Ninja: Steps for Word Problem Success

Teaching Students to be Problem Solving Ninjas

For years I taught my students the same problem solving process. I wasn’t invested in it and I didn’t think it was the best. But, it was something I had found online for free. This year I spontaneously put a new twist on it, and it’s worked for my students better than ever before.  As I was telling students they need to go through the steps to attack the problem, I added on that they

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