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2023 Calendars: Printables and 4 Easy Ideas

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The last several years I’ve made printable yearly calendars.  I like these because of their simple design, and notes space. They can be easily used for anything you need. I’ve made a simple list of ideas below. Use my 2023 calendars? I’d love to hear how you use them in the comments below!


There are so many different ways you can use printable calendars in the classroom. These simple, open-ended calendars are perfect for both teachers and students. I’ve used these in a variety of ways over the years. You can download my 2023 Printable Calendars and keep reading to see how I use them in the classroom!


There are so many mixed feelings on reading logs. In my experience, many of my students need some sort of accountability for their independent reading during the day.  These calendars are perfect for what I need because they’re simple and don’t ask a lot of the kids. I have them leave the printable calendar in their daily binder so it’s easy to access each day. I then have students record the page numbers as we wrap up reading time. I have intermediate students, many of which are reading chapter books. So, I don’t ask them to record the title each day if they’re continuing to read the same book. I don’t check into these frequently- just when I’m noticing a student doesn’t seem to be progressing with their books. It’s very little stress but gives students some semblance of ownership and accountability. Of course, it could also be sent home as a reading log for students to track their evening reading. Use these monthly however would work best for you and your students.


It can be difficult to track classroom interventions, especially when they’re fluid groups. I’m often pulling quick groups for 5-10 minute small group lessons on specific skills. Especially with my math reteaching groups, my groups meet infrequently and are always changing.  It can be difficult to record which students received the intervention on specific days due to absences and other schedule interruptions. I like to keep several copies of these calendars at my small group table so I’m able to quickly record that we met. I use these calendars to record the students’ name, what we worked on and for how long, and any necessary progress monitoring data based on that group work. It takes me 30 seconds per student and then just a few minutes to compile the specifics if I need to talk about those interventions. It makes it easy to also see which students or groups I need to prioritize my time with because I can see at a quick glance the frequency of our past meetings.


These printable monthly calendars are perfect for individual goal tracking. Student goal setting can build motivation and investment, and these calendars are easy for any classroom goal with students. Some ideas for goals to track would be independent reading, practicing math facts, and working on a computerized tier 2 program. Students can take ownership of their own calendar and record any data. This helps them track and see their own progress. These 2023 calendars are great for students to see progress on a specific skill across a month as they watch their numbers increase.


If you have a lot of events at your school, or have a different focus each week (like a preschool or thematic learning), these calendars would be helpful to give parents a look at what’s coming up.  Just print, add info, and copy and send home! These are great for hanging on the fridge!

You can download my 2023 Monthly Calendars to use them right away. Or head to my newest post to download my 2024 Calendars. I would love to hear how you use these each year to help me keep making them!

2023 January, February and March calendars with "2023 monthly printable calendars" text



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