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Organizing Google Classroom

Google Classroom Organization: a video tutorial

In the last 8 months, Google Classroom, and other learning management systems (LMS), use has skyrocketed. As a classroom teacher, I mainly only used Classroom to share Google Docs and Google Slides activities easily. I would post the assignment, click to make a copy for teach student, and go. I never really organized materials in there, and just kept my Classwork just one big stream. We already had e-learning days, and so I would use Classroom more often for that, but I still never spent any time making materials easy to find because we used it so sparingly. In March, when everyone came home, I knew I needed to change things. My students needed to find their materials quickly and easily. Parents needed to be able to identify what assignments needed to be completed. Organizing my Google Classroom became more important than ever.

In the video tutorial below I walk through my system for Google Classroom organization. There is more than one way to organizing things, of course. This system is what worked best for my students. Some people choose to use subjects when organizing Google Classroom. For me, it makes more sense to organize daily so that students are looking at everything that they might need for the day. This obviously works best at the elementary level and a different system would make more sense in middle and high school settings.

Organizing Google Classroom


If you’re looking for additional Google Classroom video tutorials, I have several on my blog. If you’re just getting started, you might be interested in my Google Classroom introduction. Google Forms and Google Classroom work so well together, and this video shows the highlights of using both together to assign work and formative assessments. Also, if you have PDF resources to share with students, it can be difficult. But, this video tutorial showcases a program built into Drive so you can use PDFs with Google Classroom.

Is there another component of Google Classroom you’d love to see more of? Leave me a comment below and I will add it to my list!

Organizing Google Classroom for the elementary grades


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