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Using PDFs in Google Classroom

Using PDFs with Google Classroom: Use any existing PDF right inside Google Classroom

Google Classroom is probably the most popular Learning Management System (LMS) out there. It integrates seamlessly with Chromebooks and is so easy to use connected with students’ Google Drive accounts. Google Classroom has gained in popularity over the years, but its potential is not always utilized. One of the struggles I hear most often is that teachers struggle to share PDF files with their students. There are a plethora of digital resources prepared for online settings, and many created where technology enhances the learning, having the ability to use PDFs in Google Classroom remains important. Now you and your students can use PDFs in Google Classroom and Google Drive easily!

This video tutorial walks you through two different tasks: how to modify a PDF to include only the pages you’ll share with your students; and, how students can type and write on PDF’s from Google Drive and Google Classroom. This easy-to-use app, DocHub, is ready to go in just a few clicks of the button and integrates easily with both Google Drive and Google Classroom. You no longer have to install an external extension or share try to rebuild PDF into Google Files. Easily create assignments for students to type and write on, and then check student work right within Google Classroom. Use any PDF you already have is easy!

If you’re getting started with Google Classroom for the first time, you might find my Video Introduction to Google Classroom video helpful. It explains several of the different components of Classroom, especially assignments. If you’ve never used Google Classroom before, this tutorial is for you!

A Video Introduction to Google Classroom
You might also find my video tutorial on using Google Forms with Google Classroom helpful. This video tutorial walks through all of the easy reporting you get when you integrate Forms and Classroom. Utilizing Classroom brings Forms to a whole new level! Watch my Using Google Forms with Google Classroom tutorial at the post below.

Google Forms with Google Classroom: A video tutorial

What else do you want to know how to do in Google Classroom? Let me know in the comments below!

How to Use Any PDF in Google Classroom


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