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Whole Group Classroom Management Systems

Classroom Management with Whole Class Behavior Rewards

Every few years you get a group of kids that help you become a better teacher, and this year is that group for me.  They need a lot of positive reinforcement and are high energy.  My engagement strategy toolbox has increased as I’ve tried out new methods to keep them interested in our lessons and our learning.  They’ve already made tremendous gains and I’ve seen some critical shifts in their thought processes about school, learning,

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Class Dojo with an Economy System

Using Class Dojo Points with a Classroom Economy System

I heard about Class Dojo partway through the year several years ago when it first came out. I tried it out, and it became a HUGE tool in my class.  My class needed some sort of cue when their behavior was less than stellar and THRIVED on positive reinforcement. Dojo points were a great motivator for them! I have never been a fan of public displays for behavior management and so this was difficult for

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