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Classroom Management with Whole Class Behavior Rewards

Whole Group Classroom Management Systems

Every few years you get a group of kids that help you become a better teacher, and this year is that group for me.  They need a lot of positive reinforcement and are high energy.  My engagement strategy toolbox has increased as I’ve tried out new methods to keep them interested in our lessons and our learning.  They’ve already made tremendous gains and I’ve seen some critical shifts in their thought processes about school, learning, and their role in the classroom. My classroom management systems have always largely focused on highlighting positives while talking and teaching through negative consequences for unwanted behavior. This year, however, I needed to change up my behavior rewards.

Individual Behavior Management

I use ClassDojo as my individual behavior system.  It allows me to incorporate personal behavior plans into one overall system, keeps solid data I can refer back to, and allows me to reward students for their good choices.  I love ClassDojo and so do my students. I don’t keep the system displayed as most students don’t need to know their status. For others, we check in during the day. To read more on how I use Class Dojo with a classroom economy system you can read that blog post.

Class Dojo with an Economy System

Whole Class Behavior Rewards

I like to utilize whole group classroom management systems for positive behavior rewards. I want my classroom to feel like a family, and I want students to understand that they each have an effect on our classroom every day. We talk about being a team, and supporting our teammate when they need it. When things aren’t going smoothly, we focus on fixing the specific issue. This means that I don’t do whole group consequences unless there’s a large portion of our class that needs reinforcement, which is rare. And we tend to use that time as a reteaching moment rather than a consequence. Whole group classroom management systems allow me to reinforce and reward when our family/team is functioning well.

I first used these letters to build our whole class behavior rewards. As students earned a classroom compliment, we would add a new random letter. The first built word was the reward the class earned. I liked this system and it was effective for a few of my classroom. You can read more about it by clicking the image below.

But one year I had a class that needed something else to help my positive reinforcement.  Working on building a whole class behavior reward was exciting for them, and they loved choosing each letter, but it often takes a couple weeks to get to that reward, so it’s not been enough encouragement for this group. They need something a bit more immediate.  I brainstormed a way of mixing immediate and long-term rewards I could use as my classroom management behavior reward system. I also wanted to incorporate it digitally because display space can be such an issue.

I started by creating a Christmas scene complete with presents. Then, I added numbers to the presents and hyperlinked them to slides with behaviorrewards listed.

Christmas with numbers

I introduced this whole class positive reinforcement system to students and added rewards that I knew they’d get excited about (piece of candy, adding 2 letters to our class reward, everyone gets a Dojo point).  reward. Reward 1            Reward 2             Reward 3

The best part is that when students choose a number, a RANDOM reward slide is displayed.  I can have 17 different slides, 7 different slides, or 3 different slides.  It doesn’t matter- the system still chooses a random slide.  The students know they have the opportunity to get that same reward again that day.  Because it’s random, I can show students the rewards they can earn, and increase the frequency of that one being achieved.  So I can additional opportunities for immediate rewards by just duplicating the slide to increase the probability. It’s also powerful that we can set up the rewards together so students are invested in earning them.  And they can be changed whenever I want them.

It fits perfectly into the positive reinforcement systems we already have in place. Because the rewards are customizable I can incorporate this system with whatever else I’m using that year. And, to keep things fresh and engaging, I change out the system each month and change up some of the rewards.

I created a full year’s worth of scenes to keep your positive reinforcement classroom management on point throughout the year.  There are 25 different images/files with different holiday/thematic and classroom themes.  Each setting is it’s own file so that you can just type in your rewards, and GO.  It’s super easy to set up to work for you in your classroom.  You can check out my Customizable Classroom Behavior Reward Powerpoints on TPT by clicking the image below.

Customizable Classroom Behavior Powerpoints

I also have two different free versions that you can try out in your classroom. The first is my Back to School Classroom Management Powerpoint.

Back to School Digital Marble Jar Classroom Management

I also have a free Christmas version.  It’s perfect for those November and December days, especially since students tend to get a little bit excited about the holidays and are ready for a break. You can also download my Christmas Classroom Management Digital Behavior Reward.

Christmas and December Classroom Management


I also have an instructional tutorial video to help you get started with my Classroom Behavior Reward System. It uses the Christmas version as an example, but all of the systems function the same.




  • I want to purchase this all set from you. I love it and I am really into class dojo. How can I get this?

    • Hi Susan, your comment was lost in my spam folder for a while so I apologize for the long delay. What are you interested in purchasing? The Powerpoints themselves or something else?


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