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Multiplication and Division Word Problem Types

Word problems can be such a struggle. Especially in grades 3rd and up when students have to work through all of the operations and multi-step word problems. Students often struggle to identify the operation presented, or miss part of the steps needed to solve. Explicitly teaching word problem types can help our students recognize the operations in context. The Common Core State Standards lay out the different multiplication & division word problem types that students

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5 Games for Building Multiplication & Division Fact Fluency text with dice displayed

5 Games to Build Multiplication & Division Fact Fluency

Students’ fact fluency is a pain point year after year and with nearly every grade level, it seems. Getting students to master their multiplication and division facts can be a challenge. A great way to build fact fluency with multiplication and division is through playing games. Through repetitive and engaging practice, students build their recognition of math facts through ongoing play. I use games both in whole group settings, but also within my small groups.

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Working with Division text and equal group arrangement using Twizzlers and Skittles

Working with Division

Some people, districts, textbooks (take your pick) teach multiplication and division together in one unit and at one time.  I prefer to teach division a few weeks after multiplication; after students have had some time working with multiplication, exploring equal groups, and building a deep understanding of what multiplication means. You can also read more about how I introduce multiplication. For division, however, my go to is always, always food! Lesson engagement is at an

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